Saturday, May 12, 2007

The New NeHe Tutorials

Some of you are probably aware that a beta version of the new NeHe tutorials have been released earlier this year. There is a window backend for all the lessons which contains window creation and a simple framework for running the lesson applications. Then they have written 5 lessons already.

I've been writing them in D for some time now. When ever I've had time. They are now done and working nicely. I'm not going to go over them yet, as the real tutorials haven't been released yet, but you can browse the sources here, or if you want to try them out just checkout them. I've written DSSS configuration files for them, so you can just do 'dsss install', for NeHeWindow, and then 'dsss build' for the lessons.

And now back to your regular old NeHe tutorial studying.