Monday, June 30, 2008

NeHe Update

There's been some activity on the NeHe site recently. They have launched a wiki, and are planning on moving the old stuff from the website to the wiki. There is also new versions of the new lessons on the wiki. For some reason they rewrote the basecode and the first three lessons. The beta version wasn't that bad. On the plus side the code is much simpler, so they can extend the it later.

I've ported the new lessons to D. Why else write this post. =) I didn't do it 1:1, as in my opinion there are too much c++(bad design) in them. I kept them mostly as they were, but fixed most of the more glaring problems in it, at least in my opinion. I'm still thinking on making them more D'ish/generally better. I'll decide probably after more lessons are available, and we'll see where they are taking the basecode.

You can find the relevant information about the source code on the google code project page.